Summer Driving Tips: How to Prep Your Car for the Coming Heat Wave

June 27th, 2020 by

Summer Driving Tips: How to Prep Your Car for the Coming Heat Wave

With winter finally behind us, it can be easy to let your guard down. However, driving during the summer months poses some new and unexpected risks you’ll want to consider. Continue reading for some helpful driving tips to keep you and your family safe.

Tips for Driving Safely This Summer

Take Preventative Measures

The best way to minimize risk as you travel is to take preventative measures to ensure your car is equipped for the coming heat wave. According to AAA, worn tires are especially susceptible to blowouts during the summer since the heat outside causes the air inside the tires to expand. Dead batteries and overheated engines are also a common reason for travel plans to be interrupted or stalled. One of the easiest ways for a vacation to be ruined is to find that the air conditioning is suddenly out of commission.

Before hitting the roads this summer, have your car inspected to ensure everything is prepped for the summer heat. This step will greatly minimize the chances of the most common car troubles impeding your travel plans.

Share the Road

Warmer weather encourages runners, cyclists, and motorcycles to take to the roads. Teen drivers who are out on summer break are learning the basics of driving on the same roads you’ve been driving on for years. Vacationers from out of town may have difficulty navigating. Each of these scenarios provides ample opportunity for an unexpected collision. Remove any unnecessary distractions and stay aware of who may be around you so you’ll be prepared to take evasive measures if necessary.

Expect the Unexpected

Perhaps the most common temptation to drive aggressively or erratically is if you’re feeling late to a commitment or a planned event. More drivers on the road as well as increased construction or road repair during the summer months provides plenty of opportunities for traffic to become congested and cause unexpected delays.

When traveling or making plans, be sure to allow for plenty of wiggle room. Keep an emergency snack or entertainment kit in your car for young or restless passengers who may not be as well equipped to cope with delays. Doing so will greatly minimize your anxiety as a driver and will allow you to drive more attentively.

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