INFINITI Brake Service

Are your brakes in need of service by experienced professionals? If so, you’ve come to the right place. INFINITI of Coral Gables has one of the best service centers in Miami-Dade County that offers exceptional brake repairs for all INFINITI vehicles. Our expert team has put together information about what the brake department can do for you.

Why Choose INFINITI of Coral Gables for Your Brake Service?

Up close photo of a brake on an INFINITI vehicle

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INFINITI of Coral Gables only staffs brake specialists who have gone through extensive training, giving them the capability to address any brake issue you may be experiencing. The parts our service team uses are guaranteed INFINITI brand or manufactured according to the manufacturer’s standards. Whether you need a full brake replacement or just a general touch-up to keep your INFINITI running well, our service team will take great care of both you and your vehicle.

Our dealership takes the time for training our brake specialists, ensuring they know the best equipment to use for each brake issue. They also know how to use all necessary tools, including all necessary computer equipment, software, tools, and hardware. Our state-of-the-art tools and exceptional staff will make sure your brakes work on the road so you can keep passengers safe.

Common Brake Issues

There are several things that can go wrong with brakes, and ignoring the signs of brake problems can quickly escalate the situation. Consider bringing your vehicle to our service center as soon as you notice signs of brake problems so we can address them.  Examples of common signs to look out for include:

  • Brakes that grind, squeal, or make metal-on-metal noises.
  • A shaking steering wheel when you use your brakes.
  • Your vehicle’s brake light lighting up on your interior dashboard.
  • Your vehicle pulsating or wobbling back and forth when braking.
  • A spongy feel on the pedal when you brake.

Experiencing these conditions is a good reason to get your brakes checked out at INFINITI of Coral Gables. Stop by today or schedule a service online so we can look at your vehicle and get it back in running condition.

Brake Pads

If you need your brake pads replaced, it’s important to know the right products for your particular vehicle. There are a variety of brake pads available, including Wagner OEX Pads, Wagner QuickStop Pads, and ProStop Platinum Brake Pads. Each type of pad offers something unique and performs differently in a vehicle. For example, the Wagner OEX Pads have a specific vehicle profile and slotting designs that provide best-in-class braking performance. These pads allow you to stop up to 50 feet sooner than other pads, and their life span is up to two times longer.

Wagner QuickStop Pads were designed to make sure the entire vehicle’s braking system is restored to its original state. They offer premium stopping performance and even feature application-specific designs to minimize vibrations and noise. The ProStop Platinum Brake Pads are made to meet the exact braking requirements of your vehicle and provide OE performance. They also offer a better pedal feel and eliminate brake dust and squealing. Our experts know the intricacies of these products and will recommend the best option for your circumstances.

Standard Brake Services

We offer a variety of services for brakes. Our standard brake services typically include the installation of new brake pads and shoes, an inspection of all brake components, and a warranty on the products we replace. We may also resurface or replace any damaged brake rotors or drums. We only use genuine OEM INFINITI brand parts and keep a large inventory on hand to ensure we can meet all of your standard brake service needs.  We can also order parts to fit any custom INFINITI model.

Brake Repair and Replacement Service

If your vehicle needs more than just a brake tune-up or replacement, consider our premium brake services. These services include replacing parts when needed and exchanging brake fluid or bleeding brakes. Most of our equipment also comes with a warranty for what we replaced. No matter what condition your brakes are in beforehand, you can trust that INFINITI of Coral Gables can help.

Brake Inspection Service

If you’re unsure if your brakes need a tune-up, consider bringing in your INFINITI for a brake inspection by one of our experts. Brake inspections can help you avoid costly repairs and allow you to keep your brakes in working condition for longer periods of time. Our team will perform a visual inspection of your brake system, measure each brake pad, and make recommendations based on what they find. Contact us today or schedule a brake inspection on our website.

Brake Rotor Service

Brake rotors are metal discs attached to the wheel hubs of your vehicle. They experience friction from the brake pads every time you stop your INFINITI on the road or use your brakes in any situation. Many brakes include a rotor, caliper, and brake pads and are known as disc brakes. Disc brakes include a rotor, caliper, and brake pad, while drum brakes have shoes instead. Some vehicles have just one, while others may have both, so you’ll need help from professionals who can handle all configurations.

There are several conditions that can cause issues with brake rotors, including rotors with too-thin material that can’t dissipate heat effectively, or glazing by the brake pad material. Getting your brake rotors checked regularly will ensure they are in good condition and that you aren’t at risk on the road.

Brake Fluid Service

We also offer brake fluid services at INFINITI of Coral Gables. Brake fluid is important because it keeps the brake lines running so the mechanism works. When brake fluid gets too low, the brake lines aren’t able to build up enough pressure to allow you to stop. Examples of brake fluid issues include air in the brake lines, contaminated or old brake fluid, and loss of brake fluid. Our technicians can help ensure your brakes are regularly filled with fresh fluid to keep your INFINITI running smoothly.

Don’t wait any longer to get your brakes checked out — stop by INFINITI of Coral Gables today and let our expert technicians perform a brake check and take care of anything you may need to keep your vehicle in excellent condition. Contact us online for more information or call our service department at 305-779-5050.