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Have you always wondered what the INFINITI symbol and emblem mean, or who owns INFINITI? Here we offer you a brief look at the history of the INFINITI car brand and the design of its iconic emblem. From its start as a division of Nissan Motors to its fully stocked and diverse luxury lineup of SUVs, sedans and coupes, the INFINITI brand has made its mark on the automotive world. Learn about the history, meaning, and design influences behind this iconic brand logo.


What Is the INFINITI Logo?

The INFINITI emblem features two lines pointing upwards to a horizon, creating the appearance of a mountain peak or a road. Since INFINITI comes from Japan, many people have likened the symbol to Mount Fuji, the country’s tallest and most iconic peak. Others have described the emblem as looking like an upside-down V.

The emblem is silver, which was chosen to symbolize the modern, forward-looking nature of the vehicles designed by INFINITI. Unlike the emblems of many other automakers, INFINITI chose not to display its name on the emblem. This decision was taken to help create a sleek design.

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What Does The INFINITI Symbol Mean?

INFINITI’s name was inspired by the ancient infinity symbol, which was first used by mathematicians to mean unending. The mathematical infinity symbol looks a bit like a number 8 lying on its side. Some observers claim the INFINITI emblem is modeled on the infinity mathematical symbol, but the company has never confirmed this.

One of the reasons why INFINITI chose this emblem was to convey the brand’s spirit of pushing boundaries in auto design and production. INFINITI uses the slogan “new horizons” for the auto industry, which is symbolized by the two lines on the emblem stretching into the distance. In fact, the concept of reaching beyond the horizon has been around even longer than the INFINITI name itself. When Nissan established a secret department in 1985 to begin planning the establishment of a luxury car brand, they named it the “Horizon Task Force.”

The car brand has put this idea into practice by playing a leading role in promoting new technology throughout its history. For example, the first voice-recognition software appeared in an INFINITI vehicle as early as 2002, almost two decades ago. INFINITI also adopted the first blind spot monitoring system technology in 2010.

Leading executives at INFINITI have explained that the concept of infinity also applies to the company’s relationship with its customers. “The INFINITI logo represents the meaning behind the ‘total ownership experience’ between our owners and our cars, crossovers and sport utility vehicles. …From the moment a customer hears about us, to when they might visit one of our retailers, then to the purchase process, driving the car, taking it back for maintenance, to the next time the customer needs a new vehicle, we want that experience to be never-ending, to ‘INFINITI.’ And in driving the car, we want the driver to feel like they want to take it on a never-ending road, an infinite road,” says Kyle Bazemore, a senior manager at INFINITI USA Communications.

This focus on the customer relationship has secured INFINITI a number of awards for customer satisfaction.


INFINITI is a luxury car brand and a division of Japanese automaker Nissan. The INFINITI name was selected in 1987, three years before the brand was launched in 1990. While Nissan’s vehicles are produced for the mass market, INFINITI’s design and construction aim to address the need for high-end vehicles with a stylish and modern design.

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