Car Activities to Try With Your Family this Summer

July 13th, 2020 by

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A car can do so much more than get you where you need to go. Continue reading for some fun car activities you can try this season. 

Give These Activities a Try in Your Car This Summer

Hunt down a drive-in movie 

There are few things more nostalgic than spending a Friday night at a drive-in movie theater. Chances are, with a little research, you may find one not too far from where you live. 

Drive-ins offer a variety of benefits, especially to young families with children who may not be ready to sit through an entire movie in a traditional theatre. You can chat, laugh, and hang out in the comfort of your car without fear of disrupting other viewers. Pack your favorite movie snacks and drinks, and enjoy the show. 

Make a home away from home

If you have a little one who still needs a nap in the afternoons, your car offers the chance to still honor that routine without feeling stuck at home on a beautiful day. 

Drive to a local state or national park where you can enjoy the scenery and your older kids can run and explore freely. Open all the windows to create a cool environment inside the car. Collapse or recline the rear seats to create a bed complete with a blanket, pillow, and maybe a stuffed animal. Pop the trunk or open the hatch, and create a self-serve snack station for your older kids as they play. Then relax in the front seat with a favorite book or magazine while your little one snoozes in the back seat.

Enjoy a night under the stars

Many cars are now made with panoramic sunroofs and reclining or collapsible seats. These features make your car the perfect venue for an evening under the stars. 

Check your local weather station to see when the next meteor shower or event is scheduled to take place. Then pack up the family and a few extra blankets, and head out of the city where you can fully appreciate the view free from city lights. Download a couple of stargazing apps and enjoy a quiet activity with your family.

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