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Coffee is a popular drink in the United States, and there are nearly endless variations of the beverage, including hot, cold, or tasty blended options. But as every avid coffee drinker knows, not all coffees are created equal. To help you find a delicious cup of java, here’s a list of the best coffee in South Florida.


Bebito’s is a popular Miami Beach, Florida cafe that serves some of the most delicious coffee in the area. It offers a private-label signature blend of locally roasted coffee beans. The restaurant has a pink La Marzocco coffee machine that serves the wonderful brew and many other usual and unique coffee choices. For example, the Artistic Cloud Latte is topped with “cloud” foam and cacao that represents speckled raindrops in the clouds.

Guests can pair some of the best coffee in South Florida with the cafe’s delectable pastries and classic bistro entrees. The restaurant features Cuban-American choices like a steak sandwich, short rib croquetas, and a chicken vaca frita wrap, all beautifully presented and immensely satisfying to the palate. You can also try baked goods, like an almond or chocolate croissant. There’s a mouthwatering guava and cheese Danish pastry, and for specialty diets, the shop offers vegan fudge banana bread.

The staff is friendly and accommodating in this comfortable and welcoming coffee shop. With 75 seats and free Wi-Fi available for customers, the bright, airy cafe is ideal for working remotely, conducting intense study sessions, or relaxing with a friend or two. Bebito’s offers takeout, delivery, and indoor and outdoor patio dining.

House of Per’La

If you’re looking for a peaceful, quiet location with coffee and pastries, House of Per’La is the place to go. Coffee choices include cortado, macchiato, and more, along with a selection of fresh-baked goods that changes daily you can pair with your beverage. With reasonable prices and one of the best chocolate cookies around, this fantastic coffee shop is a great find. 

From the moment you walk in, you’ll enjoy the delicious aromas of coffee mingling with fresh-baked pastries. A calm, soothing ambiance and friendly staff will help you out and happily make recommendations. The baristas can help you select wonderful items like an iced sweet latte with oat milk. The pan de bono, or Columbian cheese bread, is a local favorite. Free Wi-Fi is available in this Coral Gables coffee shop.

The Alchemist

You’re sure to be delighted when you discover this hidden gem found behind a tall wooden fence at the end of a quiet street in North Miami Beach, Florida. The Alchemist is a coffee shop, diner, and bar all in one. The eclectic decor and attractive outdoor garden provide a quaint but delightful ambiance ideal for working, socializing, or dining. It’s a great place to meet a friend for a drink and chat while you sip one of the many coffees, teas, beers, or wines available.

The Alchemist serves rich artisanal coffees, including a trendy cold brew. A barista hand-shakes the cold brew before pouring it into a glass mason jar for serving. The iced coffee is thoughtfully made with frozen coffee cubes, so the flavor isn’t diluted as the ice melts. 

The cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the fresh ingredients and large portions create many satisfied customers. The Chef Breakfast is a favorite selection, which features a crispy hash brown waffle beneath two eggs, topped with avocado salad, pico de Gallo, and bacon bits. The Brunch Croissant and Chef’s Brunch are more excellent meal choices. The Alchemist for Lovers is an attractive platter of cheeses, fruits, and bread for a lighter snack.

With its delicious food, terrific service, and unique atmosphere, a visit to the Alchemist is a magical experience. There’s even a copy of the book “The Alchemist” for you to find in the diner. The Alchemist offers dine-in, takeout, and delivery in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse

For an original hangout, try Brewing Buddha Cafe & Arthouse, a coffee shop in Pinecrest that displays photography of local artists. This unique coffeehouse has a rustic look and fun ambiance, and it’s a cozy place to listen to music and relax with your friends. There are many tables available to work on a laptop, or you can sip your java and read a book in the creative atmosphere. The hospitable cafe offers outstanding food and cheerful, friendly service. 

The shop serves coffee as original as its artwork, and you can sip on beverages like blueberry muffin coffee, sweet plantain lattes, and maple bacon cappuccinos. Other must-try options include pistachio or midnight coconut lattes or the nitro blueberry ice cream cold brew, which tastes like blueberry ice cream. A unique selection of teas is also available if that’s more your style, including a peach sunrise or vanilla chai tea latte. The matchas are excellent, including the delicious lemon cookie matcha latte.

The food menu is just as unique as the other options, and every choice is delicious. Popular menu items include the guava and cream cheese bagel, the pesto chicken salad sandwich, and Croqueta Waffles topped with house-made Cuban-coffee maple syrup.

Cafe Grumpy

If espresso is your favorite caffeinated beverage, try Cafe Grumpy in Coral Gables. This Brooklyn import serves regional coffee worldwide, and its espresso consistently receives rave reviews from delighted customers. The shop offers other high-quality coffee choices along with a delivery subscription service for coffee, decaf, and espresso. In addition to coffee, Cafe Grumpy has a variety of tea and some delightful pastries, like fresh banana bread.

The shop has a grumpy-faced logo that’s sure to make you smile, inside seating suitable for remote working, and happy hours available from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. with special discounts.

The friendly team at INFINITI of Coral Gables hopes you find this list helpful. Did we mention your favorite coffee shop? If not, let us know to be sure and get it in one of our future guides. We’re happy to serve Coral Gables and the surrounding area.

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